Grain from Ukraine

Alexander Pope

“The Sea unites the Countries it separates”

Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

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You can find out our purchase prices determined by the ports of Berdyansk, Mykolayiv and Odessa.

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You can find out current purchase prices in the ports of Berdyansk, Mykolayiv and Odessa with our messenger bots.



    Ambar Export BKW is a large and ambitious grain trader, being in the top 10 leaders for grain export in Ukraine.

    About us

    Ambar Export BKW provides the full export chain from a farmer to the final customer and works with the following products: wheat, barely, corn, peas and sunflower.

    Goods are exported to the countries of the Mediterranean countries including Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, as well as EU countries, in particular to Italy, Greece and Spain.

    More details

    Association memberships, certifications and awards:

    Ambar Export BKW is a permanent member of the European Business Association.

    Ambar Export BKW is a member of the International Grain and Food Trade Association

    Ambar Export BKW received the award "Consumers choice 2018"

    Ambar Export BKW is a listed exporter to China

    Ambar Export BKW has a certificate of stability according to ISCC



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