Ambar Export BKW is one of the leaders of grain traders which make well-establish, trouble proof process of export from Ukraine to the countries of Mediterranean and EU countries.

Model of the company based on: purchasing cereals, transportation and selling products which produced by Ukrainian farmers on foreign markets.

The main task of our company is consolidation on agro-industrial complex in the world arena. The companies which are interested in mutually beneficial results are welcome to join us.

Pay your attention that agricultural products purchasing directly from agro producers or broker companies, which ensure that agro products was buying directly from agricultural producers. (subparagraph 209.6 of article 209 of section 5 "Value Added Tax" of the Ukrainian Tax Code).

If you are interested in cooperation

Brokers +38 (096) 568 88 34
Transport companies +38 (067) 618 58 85
Agricultural producers +38 (067) 390 80 80